Warren Klutz and Company has been combining art and science in providing real estate appraisal, brokerage, auction, expert witness, and consulting services since 1975.  Originally organized as a real estate brokerage firm, other services evolved which included auctions, appraisal, and expert witness testimony.    As many as five associate brokers were employed in the early years and five real estate appraisers served clients in the late 1980s.  As clientèle needs evolved and the nature of their real estate problems changed, a higher level of education and experience were required to provide solutions.  Recognizing that the concept of biggest is not necessarily the best, the decision was made to provide clients with the personal attention of Warren Klutz in order to assure the quality of analysis involving a wide range of complex real estate problems.  Real estate is a localized business in nature and requires technical expertise combined with local market and property specific knowledge.  Catastrophic results can follow when relying on those who are not familiar with the nuances of the Tri-Cites, Southwest Virginia, and Northeast Tennessee real estate market.  When hiring a real estate organization, make sure you receive the experience and technical expertise of the owner and not that of a recently hired employee sent to deal with your real estate problem.  As one of my now deceased clients once told me, “The first thing I look for in an appraiser or broker is whether they are honest, second I determine whether they have local market knowledge and then I consider their technical expertise.”  Those are good concepts to consider in choosing a real estate broker, appraiser, auctioneer, or consultant.
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