Real Estate Appraisals   Warren Klutz has extensive experience in appraising commercial, industrial, multi-family, office, retail, right of ways, and special use properties over a 43 year career.   Warren Klutz and Company has been in business for 42 of those years.   As a MAI, SRA, and AI-GRS designated member of the Appraisal Institute, Warren Klutz provides the highest quality in appraisal services.  He is licensed as a certified general real estate appraiser in Tennessee and Virginia. Commercial-Investment Real Estate Brokerage As a licensed real estate broker, a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and a certified general real estate appraiser Warren Klutz is in the unique position to provide insight in marketing your property.   The emphasis is on appraisal practice but some commercial and investment brokerage services are still provided.  Warren Klutz is licensed as a real estate broker in Tennessee and Virginia. Real Estate Auctions When the solution to a client’s problem dictates, Warren Klutz can provide the auction of your real estate assets.  Auctions have been performed for over 40 of the 42 years the business has been in existence.   Auction services were initially provided by Appalachian Auction Company, a partnership formed with two other independent real estate brokers in 1977.  Warren Klutz is licensed as an auctioneer in Tennessee and Virginia. Consulting Services Other appraisers, brokers, and auctioneers sometimes attempt to solve real estate problems by advising  a client to use the only service they may be able to perform.   When the situation requires, a client may only need consultation regarding a problem.   Consulting services are provided on a per hour rate basis.
Services Capability to solve complex real estate problems.
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